After Cuckoo, a thought for the people of South Korea but also all the others oppressed people in the world, who are still suffering the violence and the injustice in a world where every human has the right to live free, in the respect and the equality.

With his minimalist staging, the piece Cuckoo is full shining of fine and poetry. We leave it with the mind and the body full of the pictures, the sounds, the emotions. A subtil and balanced mix between the poignant videos of the South Korean reality, the utopian and hypocritical publicity – the contrast is unreal – and the (really great) electro-nostalgic music, which creates the sweetness-interlude required for the assimilation of the telling. The 3 present rice-cookers « Cuckoo » are almost lifelike and manage to bring some lightness to the piece… as they so well denounce, through a visual metaphor, the government oppression of his people : end of the show, the rice is cooked, searing. It is steaming. Silent, Jaha Koo, extracts the rice from the cooker and with a spatula roughly cuts it, separates it and crushes it, compresses it, in a box much to small to be acceptable, before to make them stacks, oppressed… and start again, tirelessly.



music: jaha koo/words: milou