Flashback to the first week:

People who are into arts rate a lot. After seeing a piece they don’t only discuss whether they personally liked it or not or what was understandable but the pieces are sometimes in a harsh critic what even is wrong or what can`t be shown nowadays especially because kampnagel tries to be pc in every way possible.

What I miss a lot is to talk about the positive things within a piece. For example let me try to find one positive sentence about every piece I`ve seen by now at Sommerfestival.

Malpaso Dance Company – Triple Bill

What I liked a lot about this evening was the format. To see three totally different choreagraphies of different choreographers but with the same highly qualified dancers was very interesting, because of the changes of the body repertoire.

Ho Tzu Nyen – The mysterious Lai Teck

I was needed to work constantly to understand that piece even when the visuals changed so slow the combination of what I saw and heard and read was hard but totally worth it to understand a glimpse of the Southeast Asian colonial history.

Gisèle Vienne – CROWD

A dance piece which is understandable and readable for nearly everybody. I felt involved, amazed, disgusted and drawn into a party that I wanted and didn’t want to attend at the same time.

Dorau/Klug/Wengenroth – König der Möwen

I liked that they tried to display several views on Hamburg and I feel connected to seagulls in love and hate. But all seagulls are named Emma.