Von der Nation zur Heimat ? – Conference with Naika Foroutan and Diedrich Diederichsen

What is our relation to tradition ?

What is the link between nation and categories ?

What makes us part of a nation ?

How does our homeland influence the way we see other cultures and people ?

How do we represent a nation ?

How do narratives and images feed our relation to homeland ?

How can they also be tools of manipulation ?

Migrationshintergrund – Unterbrechung der Nation ? – Discussion with Karen Taylor, Angela Melitopoulos and Mark Terkessidis, moderated by Soraya Hassoun

Why is a nation based on connections ?

Why do we first think with the feet ?

When was the term “Heimat” (homeland) disappeared from the german usual talk ?

How does the homeland become richer from the outside ?

How do we go beyond the terms ?