about knives (and fog and snakes)

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as human beings, we often try to connect things that don’t even have a connection. just to make sense of it all – or try to find sense – or at least have a peek at it

During levitation / sea fog (T. Preisig & S. Rusconi / T.Luz & Moebius Produktion) at St. Gertrud church, I couldn’t stop thinking of a serpent charmer and his serpent. The music of T. Preisig and S. Rusconi created such a mystical and charming atmosphere which allowed the fog to slowly emerge from its cave and diffuse in the nave. And there it stood, freed yet captivated, motionless yet swaying – just like its observers.

Later that same night I had the pleasure of ecountering yet another serpentlike creature. Only  this time it was quite different. It was much more vivid and unpredicatable in its movements: Hendrik Otremba, lead-singer of the German post-punk band Messer, sometimes appeared like a hybrid between a sidewinder rattlesnake and Ian Kurtis while performing. Maybe at this point I should add, that I do like snakes. And I especially enjoyed the performance of Messer that night – with their incisive bass sound and drummer and percussionist duo. They made me drift off and dance and suddenly forget about snakes altogether…

text: kasa