Tobias Preisig & Stefan Rusconi / Thom Luz & Moebius Produktion – Levitation / Sea of Fog – St. Gertrud Kirche

I can sleep if I want. I’m in a church.

It’s a huge ceremony. The nave is full of people. Downstairs too, in the central aisle, but we can’t see them because of the fog.

Everyone is waiting for something and nobody knows what it is. Maybe some kind of apocalypse.

In Ancient Greek, “apocalypse”(αποκαλυψις) means “unveiling”, “raising the curtain”, a revelation like on a stage actually. We’re all waiting for a revelation.

It’s getting darker. I’ve never been in a church by night.

The spirits in the fog, still invisible, swim silently. Some people leaving interrupt briefly their meditation. They suddenly wake up. With rocky voices, they sing for a while on the music, like a quiet river of burning stones.

The fire reaches the pillars of the nave. And we’re all stuck in there. But it doesn’t matter. The organ plays the music of our death and the fog shines as a peaceful star.

The end is near, thank you God.

“We should marry right after that, don’t you think ?”