“König der Möwen”

It’s easy to criticize the youth, being too naive. And it’s easy to criticize a piece, being too simple. But in case of “König der Möwen” I asked myself: who is the target audience? I’m interested in urban politics, gentrification, alternative lifestyle, subculture and a critical perspective on these topics. But the way of dealing with this subjects was in my opinion quite superficial. For example the parody of the  I call “herbal-spiritual-ethno-band” at the end with quoting an indian guru or our image of an exotic figure of an enlightened man should criticize the “faible” of the urban youngsters (and older generations for sure) for exotic lifestyle, but doesn’t get the point: the cultural appropriation, economic exploitation and simplification of non-european ways of life. This is just one example for the white, male, middle-class “critical” perspective of this piece. No effective critic, more an affirmation of a pseudo-left-oriented bourgeoise phantasy with a big dose of self-pity. So unfortunately I have to say: content and form of “König der Möwen” matched perfectly. No subversive potential at all.