Two is company, three’s a CROWD

Falling in love with choreographer Gisèle Viennes piece CROWD – an ecstatic, emotional, driving, yet incredibly calming and ethereal roller coaster ride of a techno-party – is easy. So to spice things up, I hid some thoughts about it in a heart-shaped riddle. Can you find them all?

Suchsel CROWD Original

MICRODRAMA                    ECSTASY                      LOVE                                  LONGING TRANCE                                REPEAT                       CINEMATOGRAPHY         WASTE
FEEL                                      RITUAL                        DESTRUCTION                 PLASTIC
DREAMS                               YOUTH                        ETERNITY                          TOUCH


Long time no see? Today’s your (last) chance: Gisèle Vienne: CROWD. Sunday, 12.08.2018 19:30, Kampnagel – K2.

Words by Mara