the bitter-sweet horror

home game for st. pauli
away game for international summer festival:

get well soon is playing at elbphilharmonie

‘a spa for the soul’ how my friend julia calls the big hall of elphi.
despite the form of a terrifying high-culture wave it seems to be from the outside, the millions of euros project at the elbe is becoming more accessible for people with lower budgets – and pop music. and so we landed here.
sitting in areas like in huge bath tubs. tucked in by konstantin gropper’s warm voice like in soft bathrobes.

orchestral arrangements meet turning colours. the flair of film music gets on a new level when a guy in sports clothes enters the stage and jogs on pebble to add another percussion sound.

all we have is love
and with all that love we’ll drown

get well soon’s horror (the name of the new album) is bitter-sweet – the melodies keep you safe, especially when you enjoy the wellness programme from 20 meters over the stage as we did. nevertheless gropper doesn’t negate the horrors of our days. the lyrics and dissonant strings massage you, but in a hard way – and remember you implicitly of your lack of mindfulness in every day life.

there is no cure
but company

the often praised acoustic of the big hall is almost the most impressive when the applause floods the room. we stand up and get rid of our bathrobes. even the lady with the opera glasses next to me.

in horror unite!

let more people in, let more nonclassical music into this building!
this band in this room leaves me with the feeling that we all can win this game

or we will lose together



by nora