A Quick Guide to Being Mysterious

Inspired by The Mysterious Lai Teck by Ho Tzu Nyen

  1. Choose your profession wisely – you are a shapeshifter! Then why not become a triple agent?
  2. Bear a Critical Dictionary in your mind to quote of at the next Festival Opening.
  3. It’s almost not worth mentioning: Have a bunch (!) of fake names in store.
  4. Learn Japanese, French and German so you can watch films in OmU to impress your fellow agents.
  5. Make yourself low-key-visible: Be like a tear in the rain.
  6. Ever tried to be an impersonated allegory of your region? No? Let’s start TODAY!
  7. Either avoid or maintain eye contact during conversation a little too long. Hmm. Whats’s going on in your head, agent?
  8. Get lost – in your thoughts, political beliefs, in actions. Let people know you’re busy by occasional disappearances.
  9. Be yourself (just don’t show it to anyone): If you’re a 5, don’t try to be a 6!
  10. Go and visit Kunstverein Hamburg to see Ho Tzu Nyens installation THE CRITICAL DICTIONARY OF SOUTHEAST ASIA – VOL 3: N FOR NAMES and dive deeper into the mystery of mysteriousness.

Images & Text: Mara